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Feelings and Transparencies 

Becoming Oceanic 2023  Art Resin

Spell of the Sensuous 2022 Clay

Gazing Deeply into Nature 2022 Ceramics 

Spell of the Sensuous 2022 Clay and Resin

Spell of the Sensuous  2022 (after David Abraham's ecological text)  Clay and Resin

Disappearances 2018 Cast Glass and Photography

Sartorial Allure of Magic 2017 Cast Glass 

Sartorial Delights 2022 Art Resin

Transformations and Transparencies  2015 Cast Glass 

Queen of Doves  2017 Cast Glass 

The Dancer 2015 Cast Glass 

The Angel I Feel 2015  Cast Glass 

DNA Dancers  2016 Cast Glass 

Illegal Entry Vessel Series 2017 Cast Glass 

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